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iNet™ One Door Controller

The iNet 1DR is a single door access control unit supporting up to two readers (In/Out). The controller is configured with Controlsoft’s Identity Access software. The iNet 1DR has onboard TCP/IP for connection to a network or it can be connected to other iNet One Door or Two Door control units using a multi-drop / daisychain RS485 network. Each iNet 1DR has fully distributed intelligence to ensure that it continues to work normally in the event of communications failure to the network.

Features & Benefits

  • Controller for One Door with IN and OUT Readers
  • Battery-backed memory for 200,000 cardholders and 250,000 events
  • Support for Wiegand and OSDP (RS485) Readers
  • Five Programmable Inputs for Exit Button, Door Contact, Fire, Power / Battery Fault and Tamper
  • Two Programmable Output Relays
  • Two Reader Ports (Wiegand)
  • Auxiliary Power Output for Lock etc.
  • Up to 10 HID Site Codes (FAC)
  • Large removable terminal blocks for ease of installation
  • Fully compatible with v2 and v3 iNet Controllers for system upgrades
  • Boxed versions with power supply and Lid Tamper
  • 3 Year Warranty

Product Variants

  • 1DR-PCB: Control Unit, PCB Only
  • 1DR-ACU: Control Unit, Boxed with 2A Power Supply
  • 1DR-POE: Control Unit, Boxed with 3A POE++ (monitored) Power Supply